Pi Lambda Phi



  1. How much time does it take?

    The purpose of the new member program is for you and the brothers to develop friendships while making sure each new member can strive to meet or exceed our standards.

    The five week program will involve several hours per week of team-building, studying, and community involvement.

    During this time you will either develop or hone your time management skills.  The reason fraternity men have been so successful is because they have refined their ability to manage multiple tasks while delivering positive results.

  2. How much does it cost?

    A financial commitment is a necessity of any group.  Each member pays a one time initiation fee and afterwards semester dues.

    The initiation fee is $250.  Dues are set at the beginning

    In comparison, the average cost for a 3 credit class at Shippensburg is $805.60.  A brother's membership will develop life long friendships, alumni connections, and the access to make a difference.  Are you getting these from your classes?

  3. Will joining hurt my grades?

    Your academic performance depends on you.  Throughout your brotherhood experience you will be offered the opportunity to grow and develop.  

    The members who develop the ability to handle challenges will often increase their GPA.  We want to see everyone succeed, but we want to make sure everyone contributes and is willing to extend beyond their comfort zone.

  4. Am I too old to join?

    No - never.  We have had members join from second semester freshmen to graduating seniors.  Pi Lambda Phi's motto is "Not Four Years, but a Lifetime."  The upperclassmen who join have many opportunities to be involved.

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